Should dairy farmers be able to sell milk to more than one customer?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way for farmers and processors to trade milk? In the wake of the dairy crisis, a new approach is worth considering.

Milk Choices explores the possibilities, starting with one simple thought: what if dairy farmers could sell milk to more than one customer, just like any other business?

Farmers and processors would both be better able to manage risk and increase their profitability.

To learn more about the concept, watch the four-minute video introduction. If you think it’s worth exploring further, have an executive summary of the white paper emailed to you using the Contact page.

Then, please have your say and share this website on Facebook or Twitter! This is not a commercial proposal. It’s something for the whole industry to discuss and shape. Help make it happen!


4 thoughts on “Should dairy farmers be able to sell milk to more than one customer?

  1. I applaud you for your initiative to try and bring about some meaning full change regarding milk pricing and milk contracts that plague the liquid milk states. It is however a complex solution to your industries problems. It will have very little benefit or interest to the southern milk pool states that are export focused in my view . Having said that if this is what you think will have positive impacts for your business then the southern milk pool states and there organization along with there farmers should get behind you on this and give you there full support. But you really have to make it clear that this is aimed at the liquid milk market states as its primary focus


  2. Sounds like the processors are getting worried that there will not be enough milk to go around in years to come . Good to have the discussion but atm I would not support it.


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